Introducing Enliven

Our first product, Enliven, is an all natural pre workout supplement full of amino acids and electrolytes.






Ok, so here’s the deal, this was my pre-race drink of choice, Enliven… No indigestion, no burping, just good ole get up and go. I ran the last 2 miles of my last leg of the “road to Hana” relay race at an 8:17 pace, that’s quite a bit faster than my “normal” 5k pace. I had one before each leg and felt great!
Bodybuilder, personal trainer and gym owner for the past 32 years…it’s refreshing to find a product that does what it says! Enliven is the real deal, we carry it in our gyms now and our clients love it! It mixes easily and gives you a clean boost of energy naturally. The fact that the company has Eco-friendly packaging and gives back to save the coral reefs around the world is a bonus.
Just received my bamboo shirt and Enliven samples! Yummy! Most. Comfortable. Shirt. Ever!
I suffer from severe acid reflex and cannot drink most energy drinks. When I do I become sick, and have no energy- The opposite reaction I am looking for. But when I tried Enliven (lemon is my favorite) I was pleasantly surprised. It went down so easy, and never upset my stomach. And the best part is I got the energy boost I needed- and hours later didn’t experience the energy crash that other drinks have. I would definitely recommend it to people who are looking for a natural pick me up before a work out, or early morning.
Finally, a pre-workout that I don’t have to choke down! It does the job, and then some. It’s also great for those groggy mornings after a night of drinking (;