Change behavior through sustainable feedback.

Thirty minutes every 30 days to: improve performance

Change behavior through sustainable feedback

Most teams are burdened by complex management philosophies that fail to take hold and deliver weak results.

Instead focus on changing real behavior. Make it simple. Choose a method employees can understand, delivered through a solution they’ll find easy to adopt.

Regular check-ins and a simple platform will help managers and employees set goals, review results, and share learnings.

Are you meeting employees where they are?

Our research shows that employees with access to performance management and check-in solutions
have higher levels of trust, performance and manager affinity. Download the Report.


of employees receive less feedback than they want.


believe feedback improves their performance.


are happier at work if companies care about their growth.


use smart phones and devices for work.

Thirty minutes every 30 days to:

Set goals
Clear, targeted goals give employees a sense of alignment and achievement. Use the Thirty30 model to create and track goals against specific objectives.
Provide feedback

Regular feedback is critical to employee growth, development, and motivation. The Thirty30 model helps establish trust, open communication, teamwork, and higher engagement levels.

Recognize achievements

Employees need feedback and recognition that is timely and relevant. Regular touchpoints provide opportunities for employees to give and receive positive reinforcement.

Connect learning
Companies can maximize the ROI of training and resources with targeted coaching interactions—making learning assets more visible, accessible and targeted.
Develop employees
Employees and managers should regularly connect around career objectives—to perform at their best and help companies build better succession plans.
Assess performance
Regular check-ins promote self-awareness and motivation, creating a reliable, objective measurement for performance evaluations.

Thirty minutes every 30 days to:
Transform Culture

Many performance management and employee development solutions ask for too much — and offer little in return.

You can flip the script. In only thirty minutes every 30 days, managers and employees will build new habits that change behavior — benefitting teams and cultures.


  • Regular communication,
    feedback and recognition
  • Learning tied to check-ins
  • Set and track goals &


  • Higher trust and motivation
  • Improved employee skills and
  • Easy performance issue


  • A more agile, connected culture
  • Trends and analytics tracking for
    strategic talent decisions
  • Highly engaged employees