A simple, targeted feedback structure for your teams.

Thirty minutes every 30 days to: drive new behaviors

Use Thirty30 to immediately adopt new constructive feedback patterns—enhancing performance management and boosting engagement.

Use Thirty30 to immediately adopt new constructive feedback patterns -  enhancing performance management and boosting engagement.

Our flexible, mobile, SaaS platform integrates easily into both your tech stack and your culture. Create an “always-on” check-in culture that boosts adoption and removes barriers to good feedback.

How the platform works:

The Thirty30 platform helps companies to
work more collaboratively, and agilely.

Scheduled check-ins /1:1s

Simple structure to maximize employee engagement.

Agile goal setting
and tracking

Set clear, targeted,
aligned goals—coached
and tracked through

Continuous micro-feedback

Keep employees aligned between scheduled check-ins.

Connected leaning and action steps

Link follow-up actions and training resources to coaching and feedback.

Social recognition and rewards

Make appreciation universal, easy, and engaging.

Development and
succession planning

Understand employee capabilities and provide needs-based growth opportunities.

Secure, flexible and
mobile accessible

Flexible, cloud-based SaaS
solution is accessible from the
devices your employees
already use.

Plug-ins and stack integration

Integrates easily and securely into your existing architecture and enterprise systems.

Dashboards and

Data for clearer understanding of team activity levels, performance, engagement, and culture.

Thirty30 works with the same software you use:


Thirty minutes every 30 days to:
Move the needle

Thirty30 is a highly-configurable platform that helps you create and manage change throughout your organization.